LaMitchell Persons

LaMitchell has been in the recovery community since 2015. He is originally from Eufaula, Alabama, where he attended Jacksonville State University. Prior to moving to California, LaMitchell worked in Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management for Panel Processing Inc. and Johnson Outdoors Inc.

LaMitchell initially worked as an Admissions Coordinator for Intervention911, and In 2017 he was promoted to Admission Director and Marketing Specialist for Ken Seeley Communities. In 2020, LaMitchell was promoted to Executive Director and Partner.

LaMitchell loves to work with the families and impact the lives of other people by helping them find value in their past mistakes and helping them gain the courage to enter treatment. He is blessed with a son named Ryan and enjoys spending time with his family, coaching soccer, and teaching Ryan how to be a true University of Alabama Football Fan.